Full-color vinyl banners offer a high-impact, hard-to-miss means of getting your message out. Durable enough to be used inside or outside, banners are a versatile source of marketing muscle.

  • Announce a sponsorship, upcoming event, special sale, or exciting new product.
  • Place vertically oriented banners next to each other to create a striking visual display.
  • For a professional look, consider pole pockets to mount your banner to a free-standing display.

13 ounce vinyl is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor banners.
Depending on your local weather and prevailing wind conditions, 13-oz vinyl banners will last from three to five years.

15 ounce vinyl is available for windier conditions or if being pulled or carried.

18 ounce vinyl is available for printing on both sides, or if you just want the comfort of knowing the banner is as durable as it can get.